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Find out how to tune  a vehicle through the OBD port and on the Bench

Know the risks associated with ECU Remapping and how to avoid them. 

Learn about the best chip tuning tools on the market and their advantages



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The ultimate how to guide on ECU Remapping

Tuned2Race has developed a free ECU tuning video training guide by combining all the questions we get on a regular basis and answering them in a 35 minute video.

The main topics we will cover include:

  • Different types of chip tuning tools
  • Risks associated with chip tuning
  • How to remap a vehicle through the OBD port
  • How to add performance tuning to your business

What you will get in our free video training

The main purpose of our video training was to give individual and automotive workshops the ability to offer ECU remapping services to their clients.

ECU Remapping services include:

  • Stage 1,2 and 3 Performance Tuning
  • DSG Tuning
  • EGR, DPF and speed limiter removals 
  • ECU Tuning for cars, bikes, trucks, boats and agricultural vehciles

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